Shopify Opening!

Hello! Due to Etsy constantly making it harder for sellers to work on that platform, I decided to make a Shopify account in addition to my Etsy shop. I will likely hold all preorders on this account, as well as all my other products available on my Etsy.

I would love to be able to switch fully to Shopify eventually, however right now, many of my customers come from Etsy search results, which is why I have chosen to keep both stores open.

I encourage you to buy from this shop instead of my Etsy if you've been directed to my shop via social media! While both offer same products, Shopify is a better selling platform with less fees and problems, which is why it's encouraged for you to check out here!

Regardless, I am always appreciative of any and all support I receive on my art and products. It means the world to me knowing I'm able to make people smile with my art! Thanks!

- Mason

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